How I detest humanity. Let me count the ways.

Warning. This is kind of a rant, so if you’d rather not be subjected to it, I won’t mind. Really.

To continue on the Trayvon Martin case-the comment made by Geraldo Rivera the other day still enrages me. In case you’ve been living in a cave, he stated that the hoodie that Martin wore was just as responsible for his death as George Zimmerman was. More of this lunacy is here:

First of all, I’ve never really respected Geraldo Rivera whatsoever as he’s never had much credibility. I’m old enough to remember as special he did many years ago when he stated that he would unleash the secrets that were supposedly contained in Al Capone’s vault. However, when he opened the vault, it turned out there wasn’t anything in there. There were a couple of other incidents throughout the years that made me doubt his integrity. So his offensive comment shouldn’t really bother me, since he really doesn’t have much credibility, right?  Well, the comment actually does bother me, because let’s face it, I’m sure other people feel the same way. That comment is akin to saying that women who wear tight dresses should expect to get raped. Hoodies have been wore by people of all stripes for years. Including me. So to say that I deserve to be killed for wearing a common item is reprehensible.  When will people learn that what they wear has no bearing on how other people behave. Rape is about power, not about sex. Nor does it have anything to do with what women wear. Women have been raped while wearing burkas, for Pete’s sake. Likewise, Trayvon was killed because of stereotypes and racism, not  because of the clothes he wore.  In the end, it wouldn’t have mattered if Martin wore a dashiki or a polo shirt and khakis. His skin color was what got him killed. Nothing more, nothing less.  That comment is simply another way to avoid dealing with the racism that played a role in Martin’s death. If you can conveniently say “It was the hoodie, not racial profiling,” then you don’t have to admit to any racial bias this society (and very probably you yourself) still operate under.

Then there’s “The Hunger Games.” It’s actually a trilogy of books. I don’t want to give too much away because I will presume that most of you that bothered to read this haven’t read the series, but the first book takes place in a dystopian America sometime in the future whereby two children from each district between the ages of 12-18 are picked to go participate in what are called the Hunger Games, which are basically a fight to the death. The last kid standing is crowned the victor. The entire country is forced to watch the games on TV. So I was introduced to this book last year when I read it for a book club I belong to and was totally hooked.  It was initially released as a young adult novel, but people of all ages like it. It didn’t read or feel like a typical “kiddie” book to me. It’s very well written.

Anyhoo, I’ve been on fan boards for the book, which often consist of people under the age of 25 mind you, where some of the posters were dismayed to find out that they cast a little black girl to play Rue, one of the tributes that is forced to fight in the games, in the movie version. This disguted me, because the book clearly stated that Rue was black.  On page 45, no less. Then the posters would argue that since Rue reminded Katniss, the main character (who is white), of Katniss’s sister, Prim, that Rue couldn’t possibly be black. Yeah, Rue reminded Katniss of Prim because of her demeanor. Her race was irrelevant.  Prim was described in the book as a sensitive, gentle soul and Rue was similar in demeanor to her. But see, here is where stereotypes and racism come into play again. Black people can’t possibly be gentle or sensitive, hence, why Rue couldn’t have been black.  Here’s a website that contains more lunacy on this matter:

Due to Hollywood’s long history of whitewashing, I was pleased that they did actually cast a black girl as Rue. Just as an aside, Rue’s hair was gorgeous. I was personally glad that they didn’t attempt to straighten it at all and thereby force her to conform to a European standard of beauty. She’s beautiful in her own right.  I actually saw the movie over the weekend and liked it overall.

So yeah. I’m not in a great mood right now because humanity in general sucks right now.


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