Random stuff

Happy new year! This is basically going to be a fairly short post as I just wanted to assure people that I was still among the land of living.

As far as that flexirod set I did on New Year’s, it was a total fail, so no pictures. As I was putting the rods in, I couldn’t get most of the pieces to roll in a spiral pattern for some reason. Most of my hair got rolled around and around in the same spot on the rod. And even with a hooded dryer, the set took forever to dry. Over TWO hours! Um, yeah. So it’s not something I’ll try again very soon. The next night, I did a three strand twistout and then on Tuesday, I did a wash and go using Shea Moisture’s Curling Souffle and diffused my hair as it was just 20 degrees out that day. I’m not sure how I feel about the stuff yet. It’s probably marketed as a cheaper alternative to KCCC, but it’s thicker and stickier than KCCC and it doesn’t elongate my curls as KCCC does either. It does define them nicely though and I’m on day four hair, something that doesn’t happen often when I do wash and goes. I did use Giovanni’s Direct Leave In underneath and that was not the business, as the Curling Souffle interacted with it my hair turned white. I had to scrunch my hair to get the white out. Next time, I’ll have to use a lighter leave in with the stuff. No pictures yet, as I didn’t think to take any. When I try the Curling Souffle again, I’ll be sure to take them.

I also went back to the gym this week and I am sore. Anytime you don’t maintain an exercise regimen for any length of time, you lose whatever muscle tone and cardio strength you gained and it can take a couple of weeks to get back to the level you were at before. I weighed myself this morning expecting to be totally displeased with the scale, but I’m actually only one pound heavier than the highest recommended weight for my height. I only gained two pounds, given all the crap I ate over the holidays. It could have been worse.

Later lovies!



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