Something new

A couple of weeks ago, I got a diffuser from a beauty supply shop. I wanted to experiment with wash and goes in cold weather and walking out the door with wet hair in 20 degree weather isn’t gonna fly with me. Although I’m not a huge fan of using heat on my hair, diffusers are less damaging since the heat isn’t as concentrated. I got a chance to test the diffuser last Friday as I washed my hair before going to the movies with some friends. For the record, we saw “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.” I’d read the book and I was worried that Hollywood would desecrate it. The movie was better that I thought it would be, but I digress. I used KCKT and KCCC on my hair. I diffused on low for about 15 minutes but my hair was still damp and I was in a hurry at that point, so I put it on high for a little more than 5 minutes. My hair ended up about 70% dry afterward, which wasn’t quite what I wanted but it still beat having to air dry my hair all the way in cold weather. And KCCC is a gel that can take forever to air dry too-anywhere from 12-18 hours on my head, depending on the weather conditions. Here are the results. Ignore the sad Christmas tree in the background:

I definitely liked the results. I think if anything, the diffuser makes my wash and go appear a little fuller, because normally KCCC weighs my hair down and it appears a lot flatter than this. It’s definitely something I’ll continue to use, but I need to remember to allow sufficient time for my hair to dry fully. I kept the style throughout the entire holiday weekend through volunteering at a men’s shelter and visits with family and friends. All I did to maintain it was cover it up with a satin bonnet at night. The curls tend to get a little smushed overnight so to perk them back up, I let the steam from the shower do its magic, then seal with some oil and fluff. That’s it. Some people would pineapple it than cover it up, but that tends to smush up my hair even more.

That’s it as far as doing something new to my hair goes. Hope everyone’s enjoying the holidays so far.


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