To thine own hair be true

I know I haven’t been around for a bit, but I’ve been a little busy.

Last week, I revisited a style that I hadn’t done in a while-the flat twist out. Like three strand twist outs, flat twist outs give a little more definition than regular two strand twists. It took a little while for me to master flat twist outs, but once I got the hang of them, they usually turned out pretty good. In the past, I would do about 10-12 flat twists around my head as I found any less than that would make my hair look an undefined mess. However, last week, I wanted to see if I could get defined, but fluffier curls by putting in less flat twists. I must say that I likey:

I’d washed my hair last Sunday and styled it with Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie and the pink Ecostyler gel so my hair would have more hold. This was the morning after. I remember that my hair was only about 80% dry upon taking the flat twists down so it was a little poofy, but it ended up working out for the best as my hair appeared to have a little more volume that way.

This was the flat twist out the day after that after it had fully dried:

So that was how I had my hair all last week.

Last weekend, I’d gone to a friend’s holiday party and she had the guests who’d brought gifts play a gift exchange game whereby people were given a number, then chose a gift, then the person after them had the option to steal a gift or choose a new gift. The game is called “Dirty Santa” and has a couple of other names. The higher your number, the more options you have. I’d recycled a Starbuck’s mug I’d gotten that had some chocolates or peppermint candy in the package for the exchange. I don’t even recall anymore how that thing came into my possession. It changed hands several times during the game as it was a popular item. I initially had gotten a blue wig. I saw this plastic bag from Ricky’s (a beauty supply store) and thought that it contained lotion, makeup or bath gel, so when it was my turn during the exchange, I went for it. The bag contained the blue wig.This is me holding up the wig:


I may have looked happy here, but I really didn’t care for the gift. With the exception of Halloween, I knew I’d never wear the wig. I don’t have the personality to wear such a wild color on my head anyway. I wore weaves for a number of years and honestly, I’m not feeling fake hair of any kind right now. Even after being fully natural for two years, I’m still learning new things about my hair all the time and I feel I’d slow my journey down if I went back to fake hair. To be fair, a number of naturals do wear wigs and weaves as protective styles to retain their hair growth. Some people take issue with that as they feel that wearing fake hair no longer makes you natural. Others feel that if you really loved your hair, you wouldn’t need to cover it up with someone else’s hair. First of all, getting invested with what other people do to their hair is ridiculous since it wastes time and energy. My definition of natural hair is hair that has not been permanently altered by chemicals. Period. Some argue that dying your natural hair no longer makes you natural. ::eyeroll:: In my book, dying your fro platinum blonde still makes you natural. You just changed the color of your hair, not the texture. As for the argument that those who wear fake hair hate themselves, that’s too simplistic and is simply not the case for a lot of people. For natural haired women, it could be just a matter of wanting to change up their look or protecting their hair from the elements. For permed women, it’s also often just a matter of wanting a different look, or they’ll do it without a lot of conscious thought. It’s often not that deep. When I wore weaves, it was usually done in an attempt to hide damage from relaxers. However, the weaves themselves sometimes damaged my hair if they weren’t installed properly, so I hesitate to get them again because I don’t trust anybody else but me to do my hair. And wigs always felt uncomfortable to me. So, I’m not looking to wear fake hair in the near future because I don’t feel they are right for me but if other people don’t have a problem with it and want to change up their look and/or protect their hair with it, they can do them.

As for that blue wig, I don’t have it now. I was able to get someone to take it off my hands and I got to choose another gift. It turned out to be a ring with the words “Live Love Laugh” engraved on it. I love it and I love the philosophy behind those words. I haven’t taken it off in three days. I would post a picture, but none of them have come out that great so far.


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