What next?

I came across this article where it states that doctors and scientists have developed a new laser procedure that makes it able to turn your brown eyes blue permenantly.

I have major issues with this. We’re bombarded with images and messages from the cradle that project that long, straight hair, blond hair, white skin and blue eyes are the preferred standard of beauty. Anyone who does not fit this ideal is ignored or demonized. In many cases, the further away any particular group of people are from the ideal beauty standard, the more lengths they go to in order to attain it and feel acceptable. It should come as no surprise that black women spend the most money on hair care and cosmetics out of any other racial or ethnic group.

To put it another way, curly hair is considered ugly to a number of people. As a result, countless women feel pressured to slap relaxers, BKT or flat iron in order to feel acceptable. A lot of people think it’s only hair and you can grow it out if you want to be curly again, but in a number of instances, it’s not just hair. The way that people wear it has had major political and social implications for a lot of people over many decades.

In reference to this new laser eye surgery, I feel it could turn into something fairly ugly because some people with brown eyes will come to think them as unattractive while blue ones are revered. In many societies, brown eyes are the dominant gene while blue ones are fairly uncommon. As a result of their relative rarity, blue eyes are viewed as novel by a lot of people and as a result, wind up being coveted and revered. Notice that the article states that the surgery will only be able to turn brown eyes blue. There is no surgery being developed right now to do the reverse and since I tend toward skepticism, I doubt there ever will be. Brown eyes aren’t anything special because that’s the most common eye color that people the world over have. It reminds me too much of the book “The Bluest Eye,” where a black girl believes that if her eyes were blue, her life would be better. I also have issues with this because the eugenics movement a century ago (as well as the Nazis, who borrowed many of their ideas) purported that people with brown eyes were lazy, feeble-minded and whatever other “defienciency” you can name. So in turn, if this new surgery takes off and some of those old reprehensible ideas return, people with brown eyes may come to think of them as something that needs to be fixed. Many women and girls already feel that their hair is something that needs to be fixed. Why add another body part that no one has any control over to the equation? When will the human race stop fucking trying to pressure its members to turn themselves into fucking pretzels in order to fit into some narrow standard beauty? When will the beauty standard be expanded so that everyone will be made to  feel beautiful? Sorry for the coarse language, but this issue really gets to me. I can’t help but think that this surgery is anything other than racist and xenophobic in nature. If you want to change your eye color that badly, just get colored contact lenses and call it a day. They’re cheaper and if used correctly, will cause less damage in the long run.


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