What I promised and an unusual request

So I’d stated in my last post that I’d post pictures of my three strand twist out. I didn’t have time to take any pictures yesterday, so this is actually 2nd day hair. My hair tends to appear fuller the longer I keep a style, particularly in the summer when depending on what products I use, the humidity swells it up.

 And the back view:

I like how defined my curls are. This style is definitely a keeper.

I got something of a weird request today. I take my lunch to work most days. It was lunchtime before I discovered that I had forgotten my container of yogurt. I usually eat it for an afternoon snack. So off I went to the store to get a container. Right after the cashier had rung me up, she stated, “I like your jacket.”

“Thanks,” I said. The jacket in question is a fake leather one I got at a discount store near my house last year. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it, actually.  Here’s a picture with me wearing it:

Then the cashier asked haltingly, “Can I touch it?”

When she asked the question, I thought she meant my hair. It’s a touchy issue among curlies. Because curly and kinky hair are generally viewed with disdain, a number of people simply aren’t exposed to it much since countless women straighten it in order to feel accepted. So when a lot of people come across someone with curls or kinks, they view it as a novelty and sometimes, they don’t even think it’s real. So in order to see if our hair is real or to experience the novelty for themselves, they think it’s perfectly acceptable to touch our hair, sometimes without even asking our permission. I actually haven’t had a lot of people touch my hair, with or without permission. I personally think it’s due to the fact that it’s not thick or dense. It’s often flat and depending on what I do to it, it doesn’t have a lot of volume, so people probably think it’s boring and nothing special. I’ve noticed that people with thick, dense hair get mauled more often. I can definitely tell you that many naturals despise it when people touch their hair, as they view it as an invasion of their personal space. Some black naturals even suggest that when non-blacks do it, it harkens back to slavery when we were regarded as property that our owners could treat as they wished. I’m the type of person that doesn’t take kindly to invasion of my personal space in general, so I definitely don’t like it when people attempt to touch my hair, particularly without my permission. This woman at least had the manners to ask, the same which can’t be said for everybody, so since she’d asked, I would have permitted her to touch it. I’ve noticed that people with straight hair don’t get mauled that often, since it’s the beauty standard.

However, when I asked her what she wanted to touch, it turned out that she didn’t want to touch my hair.

“Can I touch your jacket?” she asked.

I nearly burst out laughing. It’s a knockoff Rocawear jacket that I paid $30 for. It’s not real leather by any means. But it probably did look real enough for this woman to want to touch it. So I let her touch the sleeve. “For something that’s probably a knockoff, it feels real,” she stated.

“I guess it does,” I stated for lack of anything better to say. After she drew her hand away, I rushed out of the store with a quick goodbye. I think that was the first time anyone ever asked if they could touch my jacket. Very unusual.


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