I spent a rare weekend doing fairly little. Partly because Hazel was in the hospital but also partly because I don’t think I was fit to be around others. I also didn’t watch a millisecond of media coverage on the 10th anniversary of 9/11. It would have saddened and infuriated me. Saddened because 3,000 innocent lives were lost for no reason and infuriated because it’s often as much about people making a political statement as it is a tragedy. I was in New York City that day, albeit not near the World Trade Center. I was working in Midtown at the time, across the street from the Empire State building actually. We were given orders to evacuate the building about a half hour after the second place struck the towers. I’ll never forget seeing the smoke from the towers 2 or 3 miles away as I made my way toward the Brooklyn Bridge to walk home, as the subways had been shut down. It took me all day to walk home. I don’t need a reminder from CNN about that day as it’ll live within me the rest of my life.

So, I brought Hazel home from the hospital yesterday. Her fur around her right ear was completely shaved off and she has to wear a collar at all times so that she won’t lick or otherwise touch the surgical site. This is her from before:

And this is Hazel earlier today:

It’s hard to believe she’s the same cat. It’s more than a quarter of Hazel’s fur is gone and that she has to wear that collar for the next two weeks. The ear canal that the surgeon removed is near the eye muscle that controls blinking and she sustained some minor damage in that area in that she can’t blink her right eye. Hazel may or may not ever regain that function. We’ll know for sure within the next two weeks or so when I take her back to the surgeon for a checkup. I have to give her medication in her right eye three times a day so that it won’t dry out. Whether it’s a temporary or permanent thing, I don’t know. Also, she’s on a liquid anti-biotic for the next two weeks. I have to give that to her twice a day. I attempted to give it to her last night by forcing her mouth open and injecting the syringe into it but she promptly spit it all out. I figured that would not work for two weeks. Today I mixed the medication in with her food. Hazel for the most part has a fairly big appetite, but today she only ate about half to two thirds of her breakfast and dinner, so she still didn’t get her full dose of medication. I suspect she was able to taste the medicine in her food which is why she wouldn’t eat it all. If anyone has any suggestions on how else to administer this medication to Hazel, I’d greatly appreciate it.¬† Hazel’s been a little lethargic as well, but it’s probably to be expected with the surgery. She’s not supposed to be all that active for two weeks anyway. Whatever problems I have seem quite petty and insignificant compared to hers. Some jerk dumped me last week. Hazel had surgery in an attempt to treat her cancer. It’s hard to get more serious than that. Even though both Mommy and cat have been battered a bit, we’re still hanging in there. Hazel’s a feisty little thing, so she’ll fight the cancer with everything she has. And if she can keep on, I can too.


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