Just wanted to give a quick update on my cat.

I took Hazel to the specialty vet this morning. This place is also an emergency vet’s office, so they’re open 24 hours. Initially, Hazel was going to have the surgery and be there for two days for observation. However, I got a call from them late this afternoon and was told that when they examined her ear, they didn’t see any growth there. Her primary vet told me he didn’t think he got it all out when he sent it for the biopsy last week, but apparently the whole growth got removed after all. Also, the specialty vet said that the biopsy report indicated that a benign growth couldn’t be ruled out. They did some other tests on Hazel which came out normal. They are having the growth re-biopsied and I’ll have to take her back there in the next week or two for a checkup, but it’s possible that her condition may just need to be treated with medication and she won’t need surgery, which would be a huge relief. She’ll be home by 11 tonight, for which I am grateful. I will say that I’m not all that pleased with the way the matter has been handled as it’s caused me and Hazel major emotional distress. Hopefully, Hazel won’t have any more health issues for awhile.


One Response to “Relief”

  1. Hey V – I’m SO happy to see that Hazel is okay! Really pleased as I know how stressful that can be. Sending awesome thoughts your way 🙂

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