Dribs and drabs

This post is going to be all over the place, so if you want something with more coherence, you can skip it 😀

I got a major shock on Monday when I got a call from Hazel’s vet. The results were in for the biopsy they did the week before. According to the vet, Hazel has a low grade malignant tumor in her right ear. I was speechless. Actually, I’m still having trouble processing this. Hazel is only 2 years old. She’s just a baby. According to the research I’ve been doing, tumors like this don’t usually show up in cats until they’re much older. The vet had no answer as to why Hazel has one so young. It’s just one of those things. He did say that her prognosis is fairly good due to her age and her otherwise good health. Plus, the tumor is low grade, so it isn’t that aggressive. So I am feeling a little better about things. I have to take her to a specialty vet since she’ll need more invasive surgery than the regular vet is able to do.   I’m taking her tomorrow. I took the day off work as I know I won’t be able to focus while she’s there. Wish us luck!

I did promise you last time that I’d take a picture of my flat twist out. The twist out on Monday came out a hot mess as it was still damp when I took the twists down. I’d put satin sponge rollers on the ends of the twists on Sunday and I should have known better, as my hair takes forever to dry with those. I had to slap a headband on my head and call it a day. I did re-do the style on dry hair Monday night. Usually when most naturals style their hair while dry, it’s not bone dry. Combing, brushing or otherwise manipulating your hair dry leads to frizz and can cause breakage if you’re not gentle. I usually spritz a leave in or moisturizer in my hair, seal with jojoba oil or shea butter, then style. These pictures are actually from Tuesday, when my hair came out much better looking:


The thing about styling on dry hair is that while it shows off more of your length, your curls tend to be less defined. Whereas, when you style on wet or damp hair, your hair has more shrinkage but your curls tend to be more defined. Most of the time I style on damp hair and live with the shrinkage, since I like my hair to have definition, but I didn’t have a choice a few days ago. I’m still wearing my hair in the same style. My hair doesn’t hold styles that long because it’s so fine, so I have to re-twist every night or every other night to preserve it.

Also, did anyone see the controversy over the internets today over the founding of a natural hair sorority? I wasn’t into that scene in college as I thought that whole Greek thing was juvenile, but to be real, there are thousands of special interest groups around based on a lot of things-religion, occupation, where you live, your race and anything else you can think of. If the KKK can be legal in this country, I’m sure there’s more than enough room for a sorority based on hair. And I’m not just saying this because I have natural hair. I don’t sweat other special interest groups, so why would I get upset over this one? The author of that commentary didn’t focus her rant on just the sorority, she made it into a veteran natural vs. a newbie natural thing, which I’m beginning to find tiresome. Some veteran naturals who have been natural for 15 odd years when natural hair was even more stigmatized are resenting relative newbies like me who’ve become natural within the last few years because they feel they no longer stand out. My thing is this-I understand that when a veteran natural decided to embrace what nature gave them 15 odd years ago, the internet as we know it didn’t exist. As they didn’t have the resources that are available now, they were alone in the wilderness, so to speak. However, if your hair is the only thing about yourself that makes you feel unique, you need to find something else, because resenting others for recently taking their natural journey is akin to resenting others for having the same two arms and two legs that you do. I don’t get the mentality that you should be the only natural in the room. I have been in a room full of naturals and I can tell you that no two heads of hair are exactly the same. My fro doesn’t look exactly the same as anyone else’s, which is the beauty of our texture. It’s unique, but in this sense, it’s just hair, which isn’t even a living organism.  I live in a city where I see at least a couple of naturals in the street every day, but I don’t feel some kind of way about it. Personally, I’m like, “Yay, she’s team natural.” Rant over. What’s your opinion on the issue?


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