Dribs and drabs

I had my second date with M  (his first initial) on Sunday. Initially we were thinking about doing a picnic, but the weather was too iffy, so we ended up doing lunch and a movie instead. We saw “Sarah’s Key.” The subject matter was  a little heavy, particularly if you’re seeing it on a date, but it was good. We went to Starbucks afterward for some tea and to chat some more. Before this date, I had no idea how old M was. He has salt and pepper hair, but that doesn’t mean anything as a number of people grey early. I started getting grey hair when I was 25, however, 17 years later, the majority of my hair is still dark brown. I’m only about 10% grey. I often dye it though, because I have a very young looking face and it’s incongruous with such old looking hair. I figured he was about 50, tops. Turns out, he’s 55. He doesn’t look anywhere near his age. It makes him 13 years older than me. Many of the guys I’ve dated have been older than me, but by 3,4 or 5 years, not 13. I’ve never dated someone where there was such a big age gap. For a number of people, I imagine it can be an issue since your cultural points of reference would be too disparate and often, the couple involved are at different stages in their lives. It hasn’t been problem between M and me so far as we have a connection. I’m hoping it never does become an issue.

Here’s someone I’d like you to meet:

This is Hazel, my cat. Many people think all cats are aloof and anti-social, but not my Boo Boo. She’s very chatty and friendly. She hasn’t been all that well lately, though. For awhile, I noticed that she kept shaking her head and scratching behind her ears. I took her to the vet two weeks ago, and was told she had some impacted wax and a growth in one ear. I was given ear drops for her and told to bring her back in two weeks for a checkup. Then last week, she had a cold. She seemed congested and sneezed a lot and had watery eyes. I felt bad because I didn’t have anything to give her that would ease her symptoms, but luckily it only lasted about four days. Her checkup regarding her ear issue was yesterday morning. The vet stated that while the wax did clear, Hazel still had the growth in one ear. The vet felt it was best to have it removed as it would be constant source of irritation otherwise. It has to be taken to pathologist to be read because right now, we don’t know how serious it is. I won’t know until the end of the week. I had to leave her at the vet’s all day while they removed the growth. It pained me to leave her there all alone because I’m sure she must have been scared. She was able to go home last night and she’s about 75% of her normal self. She’s still shaking her head every now and then and she’s only eating about half the amount she usually eats, but that’s probably the after effects of the surgery. I just pray that whatever she has, that it’s not serious.

While Hazel was at the vet, in the afternoon, somebody the super recruited finally came to repair my bathroom wall. It was simply a patch job, as usually. They slapped some sheetrock, plaster and paint over the hole that had been there. I’m sure next year, I’ll have another issue with it.

I had an interesting return to the office today. I work at a Medicare and Medicaid managed care plan. I went outside during my lunch hour. I often go out on my lunch hour if the weather is good, like it was today. When I returned to the office, my co-workers told me that there had been an earthquake. “You must be joking,” I said. “The building shook and everything,” one co-worker said. I went online and sure enough, it was all over the Internet that a 5.8 quake that originated in Virginia had been felt throughout the entire Northeast. I never felt a thing. “It wouldn’t have been as noticeable if you were outside,” my supervisor said. I felt left out somehow. Two friends called and told me that they also felt the quake. However, I don’t feel so bad anymore as M said he was working from home and never felt a thing and another friend mentioned on Facebook that she didn’t feel it either. It was still wild though since quakes rarely happen where I am.

Anyone else have something interesting happen today?


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