Natural birthday

Hello lovies!

As I mentioned last time, I have a hole in my bathroom wall. I was told on Thursday that the super would be coming on Saturday (today) to repair the wall and paint the bathroom. It could have been done yesterday as I had the day off work, but it was my birthday and I didn’t want that kind of stress on my birthday.  It’s almost 1 PM and no one has come to repair the wall. Figures. I’m off on Monday, but I have an errand in the morning. If it’s not fixed by Monday night, I’m putting a stop payment to the rent check I sent the landlord. No service, no payment. Stay tuned.

So as for my birthday itself, it was a good one. This is the front and back view of my hair:

What I did was the night before, I shampooed with Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle shampoo, conditioned with Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut conditioner and deep conditioned with DevaCurl’s Heaven in Hair. I usually use a heating cap when I DC as I feel the conditioner penetrates my hair better with it. I try to DC twice a month but it doesn’t always happen as I hate hopping in and out of the shower. Thursday night was the first time I’d DC’d in August, so I’ve not had a great month on that score. I used the heating cap for about 15 minutes, rinsed out the deep conditioner, put in the Shea Moisture Curl Milk as a leave-in, then blow dried my hair. I haven’t heat styled my hair often since I’ve been natural. Blow dryers, flat irons and curling irons provide concentrated, direct heat that can potentially damage your hair to the point where the cuticle is stripped and your hair loses its ability to curl. I did it this time because I wanted to do a bantu knot out and air-drying the knots are an epic fail, at least for me. They take forever to dry and if you take them down when they’re still damp, they’re an undefined, frizzed out hot mess. I put grapeseed oil in my hair before blow drying it as it’s supposedly a natural heat protectant. I’ve used commercial heat protectants when I’ve blow dried my hair before and many of them are sticky and make my hair hard and I hate hard, helmet like hair. Plus, most of them contain silicones, which can dry out hair for a number of people. In the ingredient list, they usually end in -cone or -xane. Personally, I’m not adverse to using products containing cones as long as they aren’t sticky or make my hair hard, as they don’t have adverse effects on my hair, but a number of curlies avoid them. How I did the style was I used the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie as s styler, then I put in my hair into 15 two strand twists, then twirled them around themselves and used bobby pins to secure the ends.  Before I went out to dinner last night, I took the knots down, fluffed my hair and the above is the result. My hair looks a lot fuller than it usually does due to the blow drying and the style itself came out fluffy. I clipped the front down since a couple of the twists came out frizzy in that section for some reason.

Dinner was in a Colombian restaurant in Park Slope. My friends and I were 30-45 minutes late for it because on our way to the place, the city experienced a drenching downpour which at times, made it impossible to walk the streets without getting soaked. The usual weather forecast for my birthday is “clouds and sun, chance of thunderstorms,” and yesterday was true to form. I had the Colombian chicken stew with yucca and it was slammin.’ One friend had the pernil and pork emplanadas as an appetizer. The emplanadas had raisins in them, which isn’t a usual ingredient and it gave them a sweet pungent taste. Another friend had some red snapper. I also had a margarita. All and all, some fun times. Afterward, one friend and I went to this lounge in Flatbush. The margarita I had there sucked as they made it too strong. The crowd left something to be desired too. The patrons were approximately 25-45 years old and not to disrespect anybody, many of the other women looked like hoochies. Everything they wore was short and/or tight and most were permed or weaved up. The music was decent though.

I’ll be celebrating all weekend it I’m going out tonight and I’m supposed to have a date tomorrow, so I’ll be a busy bee. Later.



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