Natural Hair Event

So on Saturday, in the middle of a brutal heat wave, I attended a natural hair event sponsored by the websites Naturally Curly and Natural Selection, two of my faves! Now that I’ve finally figured out how to add links and make my blogroll appear on my site, you can now check out the links.

Anyhoo, the event was held at the Grace Hotel near Times Square. The hotel had a pool, albeit a shallow one, which was a great thing during a heat wave. When I first arrived, some people wondered whether anyone would actually get in it, as black women in particular have an aversion to pools, because we don’t like our hair to get messed up. It’s a real concern for relaxed women, as they’re advised to avoid getting their hair wet as much as possible since it could degrade the perm. Natural women? Pshaw! The chlorine can potentially damage your hair but there are some steps you can take to limit it, such as wetting your hair and putting some conditioner on your hair before you go in the water. Otherwise, no worries. As soon as I got to the pool, I jumped right in and cooled off.

I’m in the back, second from the left.

The event had product demonstrations from Jane Carter of Jane Carter Solutions, Sondriel from Ouidad, Dickey from Hair Rules and the people from Shea Moisture. I actually tried a Shea Moisture body scrub. I wasn’t aware they made anything other than hair products. Where have I been? Anyway, I liked it. It left my skin very soft. I also met curliesT from all over the internets, including Ms. EmpressRi, who’s second  from the right in the above picture. I also got to meet Cassidie from the blog Natural Selection. I was extremely excited since I’ve followed her blog for at least 18 months and I love the humor and warmth she brings to her writing. Here we are:

The event also had giveaways. I actually won the Curl Defining Cream from Jane Carter’s line. I hardly ever win anything so I was quite happy. I had fun at the event and hope to attend another one soon. I actually tried the Curl Defining Cream the next day and I must say, I likey. Unlike a lot of gels, it doesn’t leave my hair hard or crunchy and I haven’t noticed any flakes or other buildup with it. My wash and go from Sunday is still going strong actually. Here’s what it looked like a few minutes after I applied it. I was on my way to brunch in the stifling heat:

So that was the extent of my weekend. It’s cooled down a little bit the last two days. I actually like summer, but when it’s 104 degrees, like it was on Friday, that’s too extreme even for me.


3 Responses to “Natural Hair Event”

  1. Hey V – I randomly tried the Shea Moisture recently – it’s pretty good! Hard to find in NYC though – only saw a portion of the line at Walgreens.

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