Extreme heat and hair

Last week on a hair board that I visit nearly every day, I was alerted to a Groupon for the beauty supply store Aveyou. I so heart Groupon. They actually had two deals. One of them was $12 for $25 worth of feather hair extensions. I have no interest in getting any more extensions anytime soon so I passed on that one. The other deal was $25 for $50 worth of beauty products-hair, makeup and accessories. That one was practically a steal so I got not one but TWO Groupons for it. Aveyou is in New Jersey and I’m in New York City and since I don’t have a car, there’s really no way that I’d be able to go there in person. I’d have to order stuff online through their website. I was a little hesitant at first. For the longest time, I’ve gotten my hair products on the ground because I found it to be a PITA to order them online. Many companies have exorbitant shipping charges and often take about a month before they ship the items to you, because the demand exceeds the supply and they can have difficulties keeping up. I’m not a very patient person so I’d rather just get what I want when I want it.  I live near two Targets and can get to Whole Foods and most Ricky’s (a beauty supply chain in New York City) by public transportation, so when I want Kinky Curly, Jane Carter or Shea Moisture products, I’m set. However, I’ve wanted to try some other lines for awhile, so I figured the Groupon would be an opportunity to get stuff I don’t usually get. Which meant I’d have to bite the bullet and order online through the Aveyou website. So last Thursday, I ordered the Curl Junkie Daily Fix Cleansing Conditioner, the Curl Junkie Hibiscus and Banana Moisturizing Conditioner and the Curl Junkie Curl Queen. The order came to $60. The site offers $1 shipping for orders over $50, which was great. With the Groupon, I only paid $10 out of pocket. Sweet. The order came on Monday. Doubly sweet. My faith in online ordering of natural hair products has been restored somewhat. Aveyou has a customer for the long haul.

On Wednesday, I used all of the Curl Junkie stuff I bought. The thing was, I’d used the H&B Moisturizing Conditioner as leave-in (it can be used as a DC too) and had put the Curl Queen on top and my hair turned totally white. I was horrified since I’d done this in the morning before work and I didn’t have time to wash everything out and start over. I was also perplexed since the only time this has happened to me was when I used several products from totally different lines, since each company formulates their products differently. So I had to go to work like that. My ends were still white by the time I got to my job. It dried by night time, but it was a little crispy. I’d posted what happened on a hair board and one of my curly sisters stated that the H&B conditioner and Curl Queen didn’t play well because the conditioner is very heavy and the Curl Queen, which is a gel, is very moisturizing. She suggested to use a light leave-in under the Curl Queen or use it by itself in the future. I did like the Daily Fix and the H&B conditioner since they left my hair very soft, but I wasn’t sure about the Curl Queen.  Even though I’ve been fully natural for nearly two years, I’m still learning something new all the time, which is humbling. The learning curve for natural hair can be steep mainly because many black women had little to no experience caring for it themselves in childhood, like yours truly. These days, a lot of black girls get relaxers before they hit puberty, some even before they reach kindergarten. As such, they don’t even know what their natural hair looks like. There’s a lot to be said for that but that’s an entirely different post altogether.

This was my hair on Wednesday. It wasn’t my worst hair day, but I’ve had better It’s not all one length and there are sections that are uneven. I’ve only been to a salon twice since I went fully natural-once for my BC and another time I got braid extensions. Due to some horrible experiences when I was relaxed, I’m scared to have a stylist cut it though. The back of my hair is 10 inches unstretched, which is a couple of inches from APL for me. I wouldn’t put it past a stylist to cut it down into a TWA:


Last night, I went to see Rihanna. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go since I was worried that there would be a rowdy element and that most of the other people there would be kids. My friend and I were definitely on the older side, but there were way less kids than I’d thought they’d be. Many of the other people there were in their 20’s, so it wasn’t too bad. Jay-Z made a guest appearance near the end, so it was insane. It was a great show.

Here’s a picture. I have a cheap camera so the quality isn’t that great:


I wore my hair the same way I did on Wednesday. I just spritzed my hair with a water and Wonder 8 oil mix in the morning, fluffed and went. It held up fairly well in the heat since the Curl Junkie stuff I have don’t have a lot humectants. They’re ingredients that attract moisture to your hair. Glycerin and propylene glycol are two of the most common ones. High humidity contains a lot of moisture in the air. So those ingredients plus extreme heat and humidity=puffy hair. Some people don’t mind it but if you don’t want an Angela Davis fro, it’s suggested that you avoid humectants in the summer.

I took the day off work today since I knew I’d be getting home late the from the concert, I didn’t walk in the door until 1:15 the morning. My cat, Hazel, was overjoyed to see her mommy. I’m staying under the AC today.



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