Misspent weekend

I happen to organize several different social groups on Meetup.com. A member in one of my groups told me about a cabaret/aerial/burlesque show in DUMBO (Neighborhood in Brooklyn. It’s an acronym for Down under the Manhattan Bridge)that was supposed to be pretty good. However, I was told about the show last winter and as DUMBO is a rather isolated neighborhood that’s fairly far out and is near water, I wasn’t about to check it out in ice and snow. About a week ago, I remembered the show and scheduled an event there with one of my groups. I had also told several friends about it and invited them to check it out with me, because as I stated, the neighborhood the show was held at is fairly isolated and not that easy to get to by public transportation and I wasn’t sure I’d have a good turnout. There were about 7 or 8 RSVP’s-three of them from my personal friends. Turned out the members that had RSVP’d that were not personal friends of mine all backed out, so it turned out to be a ladies night out for me with friends. Their loss. The members of this particular group are extremely flaky and it’s a little discouraging planning things for them. My other two groups, which revolve around dining, have better turnouts. I’m considering dumping the flaky group and keeping the other two, actually. So anyhoo, the hair. I had it in a curly fro. I’ve been kind of lazy with it during the summer and I’ve been doing a lot of styles which don’t require a lot of upkeep. I neglected to take a picture over the weekend, but here’s what it generally looked like:

The show was good and was something different. I had three drinks there-two cosmos and a martini. After the show ended at nearly 2AM, we ended up going to bar in Fort Greene as there was nothing we found open in DUMBO. I’m noticing that more and more bars and clubs are closing down at 2AM lately. WTF? This is New York City, not Peoria. The bar in Fort Greene, Frank’s, was old school and didn’t close until 4. That’s more like it. While there, I had another martini. In hindsight, I probably shouldn’t have as I was tipsy by that point. I didn’t get home until 3:30AM.

I was supposed to meet some people I know from a website called “Naturally Curly” the next day. Operating word is “supposed.” Because when I woke up at 10AM, I was completely hung over and sick. I hate canceling on people and having them be disappointed, so I waited a while and hoped that I would feel better by the time I had to leave to meet them, but my stomach had other ideas. I had to cancel at the last minute, cursing myself the whole time. I must be getting old. When did I suddenly become unable to hold down four drinks? And they were similar drinks too, it’s not like I’d had a beer, a shot, some champagne and some wine. I’ve done THAT before too and lived to regret it. So lesson learned. I will NOT drink more than two drinks at any time. Ever. My stomach will thank me for it.


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